Alison and Doug con amigas- Trinidad, Cuba

Alison and Doug con amigas- Trinidad, Cuba

Welcome to Alimentarie.  My name is Alison.  I began cooking when I was 19 in a small wine bar in Southern England.  Returning to Canada, I immediately enrolled in a professional cooking program that was the start of over twenty years of a great culinary life.  I am a chef and food educator.  I work hard to enhance my local food system.  I write about food, fight to support local farmers, play at food photography and love to go down the path that leads to the most delicious dish or ingredient, whether it’s in a farmers’ field in the Peruvian Andes or a small cafe in rural Italy.  I live in the little town of Invermere, British Columbia in the Canadian Rockies with my husband Doug.  When we aren’t travelling, tasting, cooking and helping to build food knowledge around the world, we are home hiking in the mountains (Doug), working in the garden (mostly me) and eating good food (both of us!).


    • Alison Bell says

      Yes, nice to meet you, too. Have a great trip and we will read your blog!

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