Month: December 2013

Chocolatada in Yanque, Peru: an amazing day for dos Canadienses

Waiting for the Choloatada Early this morning, even earlier than this usually happens, I was awakened to the sounds of a loudspeaker announcing something in rapido Espanol.  Often, trucks will drive through a neighbourhood announcing “platinos, papayas, paltas, narrrrrranjas” over and over and over, full blast, at what seems to me to be an ungodly […]

An Invernadero for the Valley of the Moon Children’s Centre

A Greenhouse for the Valley of the Moon Children’s Centre   “When should we start building the Invernadero?” Doug asks Rolando on our first morning with Up Close Bolivia. ”Ahora,” Rolando responds, “now,” and the next thing we know, Rolando and Emma have whisked us off to the hardware shops in Calacoto, a southern suburb […]