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Felafel at Nourish

A Nourishing Felafel

After many days, er… weeks… of getting organized, we finally hit the road this morning, October 27 at 11 am.  The usual last minute frenzy- stuffing things in my suitcase that I had already, quite confidently, vetoed and, of course, mulching my garlic and lavender!  Doesn’t everyone do that just before they leave for a three month adventure to South America?

With Kicking Horse Café lattes in hand, we were whisked off to Banff con nuestros amigos, Byron and Spring to, get this…a restaurant called “Nourish Bistro.”   “Alimento,” the Spanish term that was the original inspiration for the name, “Alimentarie,” means nourishment!  Doug, the devoted student of Spanish that he is, picked up on it right away.  What a great lunch- innovative vegetarian in a funky, moderno space.  Quinoa Burger with Cranberry Chutney, Curried Vegetable and Roasted Organic Potato Poutine, Felafel, and even one “Hangover Smoothie” to cure the Garlicpalooza flu!

Hangover Smoothie

Now, that’s a smoothie to cure all that ails you!

Doug and Spring

Doug and Spring